Welcome to our small homestead in Sweden

Vegetable Patch

Growing food is a priority for us and we are learning as we go along. We are trying out new and familiar annuals every year and we are particularly interested in perennials. We constantly look for berries, fruit trees and eatable plants that can form a regular source of food. Much of what we plant, we’ve not even tasted before, so we also need to learn to make food in new ways. Read more about what we grow and experience here.

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Starting to Grow Berries

Raspberries were the first plant we planted in our vegetable patch. I was eager to get anything growing and planted 30 raspberries type Asker and Veten, both types

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Legg til din overskrift her

We are

A couple that rapidly is reaching the age of retirement. We currently work in Norway and the farm is our retirement plan.
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We Construct a New Building

We have started the build of a workshop, with bathrooms, a large food prepping kitchen and holiday lets. Our budget is 1 mill SEK and we plan to do most of the work ourselves. The building is a major part of our plan to live off the farm and will also have solar panels on the entire roof towards the south.

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Preserving Our Harvest

This time of year, it is all about taking care of the produce from the garden. We harvest, eat, and preserve everything we cannot manage to eat fresh. It is fun to try out different preservation methods and watch the shelves in the pantry fill up.

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