Welcome to our small homestead in Sweden

The Garden

My ambitions for the garden probably exceed my abilities. However, dreams are what keeps me going. First and foremost, I want to create beautiful surroundings for us to live in. Yet, I dare not speak about my ideas to people who tell me «isn’t it enough». But if you have found this website, I hope you might be at least a little bit interested in gardening. So here it is; I hope that in a few years I will be able to have a visitor garden. I’d love to share my garden with other people and to talk about gardening with likeminded people. So, maybe I’ll see you here some time 🙂

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My grandmother used to grow peonies in Northern Norway. She had just a single plant which was the star and pride of her garden. It fascinated me that

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Garden planning

Planning a garden is not my best quality. Don’t get me wrong, I love planning. Drawing and making plant lists are great fun, and I can spend hour

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Creating a Lawn

Grass covered the entire area in front and back of our house. However, the layer of soil was thin. The driveway which continues into a dirt road on

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We are

A couple that rapidly is reaching the age of retirement. We currently work in Norway and the farm is our retirement plan.
Favorite stories

Apple Juice and more

Nothing tastes like natural apple juice. No sugar added. Just pure juice – delicious. Here are descriptions of the two methods I have used to make juice.

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Summer Season – Highs and Lows

The summer is usually a busy season. We’ve had lots of visitors and taken time off from our projects. However, the plants have produced an abundance of flowers and food for us to enjoy and preserve.

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With a Little Help From our Friends

Finishing the roof on our new build has taken time, but with the help from neighbours, family and friends, the roof is finally complete. All of us have been challenged to do things we have never tried before. The «boys» have laid solar panels and roof tiles and the «girls» have handled power tools and new trades.

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