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Long Flower Border


This flower bed is more than 14 metres long and separates the lawn from another part of the garden. It is a spectacular sight and has, admittedly to my astonishment, flowering plants all through the season. Many plants are visible as you enter the house and it contains both trees, shrubs and perennials.


The beginning

We started the creation of the border in 2018, after we had decided to move to our farm in Sweden. It was a very hot and dry spring and summer, and the soil, which is rich on clay, was as hard as concrete. I could not get my shuffle into the ground even if I stood and jumped on it. To my relief, Frank used the tractor to dig into the soil and loosen it up in huge chunks. Then, I used all kinds of tools, even an axe to loosen up the soil further. Piece by piece, I managed to create what was to become a border.


Ideally, I should also have taken out the plants that were in the ground already, but I didn’t have time or energy for that. I did my best to dig out any weed before I added more soil and planted. The border basically started out as a place for the plants I had brought with me from my former garden. I also planted very densely since I didn’t intend all the plants to stay where I planted them. Over the following couple of years, I added more plants to the bed and parts of it became a waiting bed for plants.


Next step

After we created the new lawn in 2020, the eastern end of the border was slightly lower than the lawn. It looked odd and moreover, I hadn’t managed to get rid of all the grasses and weeds that grew in between the peonies. I decided to dig up everything in that part of the border and add more soil. It was also an opportunity to divide the peonies.


I doubt I will have time this autumn, but if I manage to rework the entire rock garden this year, I will have a new space for at least some of the plants. So, yes, there is a lot of work ahead before I’m satisfied with the border.


Yet, the border looks quite good after all. There is a variety of plants that flowers in every season. It stars with spring bulbs and moves on to rhododendron, then peonies, and in late July a lot of the tall perennials are also in bloom.

Spring flowers




Pictures of peonies are in another text on this web.

Mid summer




This is some information about the background for this border. When I have more time I will tell more and show more images. But this is all for now.

Please leave a comment and tell me if you enjoy what we are doing. You may also visit out channel at YouTube.

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