Welcome to our small homestead in Sweden

A Perfect Location

The location of the farm is private, yet not desolate. It is a 15-30 min drive from towns like Åmål and Mellerud. Karlstad, a bigger city is an hour away and Gothenburg is two hours away. One of the main north-south moving highways in Sweden, the E45 is close by and a railroad with connections to Gothenburg and Stockholm is nearby.



However, we feel withdrawn from the hustle and bustle of city life. The house is located slightly elevated over our fields, surrounded by forests to the north and vest, while the trees in the east and south are at a suitable distance. Sitting in the house, almost everything in sight belongs to our property.


The distance to neighbours and amenities gives us a satisfying sense of privacy. We’re not isolated, yet able to enjoy nature without too much noise and light pollution. It’s not too far to buy necessities and there are places to eat out if we choose to do so.


Nature and wildlife

Here, we’re able to wind off and enjoy nature. We often see wildlife like deer, hare, fox as well as a plethora of birdlife. In the spring, migratory birds are chirping incessantly, and swallows nest under the roof ridge. We have even managed to attract an owl to settle in one of our trees.


Another bonus feature is the farm’s proximity to Väneren, the second largest lake in Northern Europe. Although our property doesn’t border to the lake, it’s within walking distance. The farm has fishing rights in the lake as well as mooring for a boat.


Väneren is connected to several canals and waterways where you can sail across Sweden from Gothenburg to Stockholm. Still, it is remarkably peaceful. Lawmakers in Sweden prohibited building developments in costal zones as early as in the 1970-ies, which means there are very few houses or cabins along the shores. Nor is there much boat traffic along the shores either.



Paradise on Earth

Islands are scattered along the coastline and we enjoy swimming in the crystal clear water. There are many perfect places for an afternoon swim or a barbeque while we watch the sun set. Bliderud is truly our piece of paradise on earth.

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