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We love eating food that tastes good. We also love food that contains a lot of greens and is as free from additives as possible. We are not vegetarians, but we like to include a lot of vegetables in our diet. As a consequence we love cooking food and we usually cook all our meals from scratch. We also use the barbeque to cook all year round. Furthermore, since we grow a lot of vegetables, we do our best to find ways to preserve these. In fact, we think that life is too short to eat bad or boring food.

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Preserving Our Harvest

This time of year, it is all about taking care of the produce from the garden. We harvest, eat, and preserve everything we cannot manage to eat fresh. It is fun to try out different preservation methods and watch the shelves in the pantry fill up.

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Legg til din overskrift her

We are

A couple that rapidly is reaching the age of retirement. We currently work in Norway and the farm is our retirement plan.
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Garden Walks 2022

Chatting about the garden at Bliderud through a series of garden walks from April to July 2022. Images from the pond and the stream.

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Successes and failures Growing Food

The garden season 2022 is over. To our astonishment, we were harvesting produce, like salad, leek, kale, carrots, and parsnip until the end of November. That is not normal. Yet, it is time to sum up what went well and what we were less successful with this year.

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We Construct a New Building

We have started the build of a workshop, with bathrooms, a large food prepping kitchen and holiday lets. Our budget is 1 mill SEK and we plan to do most of the work ourselves. The building is a major part of our plan to live off the farm and will also have solar panels on the entire roof towards the south.

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