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Flowers in June


Several Flowers in Bloom

After a long and cold winter and spring, the sun finally returned with some heat in May. Everything sprang to life. Well, to be honest, not everything. The cold winter has been hard on several trees and shrubs, to the extent that we have lost many. I’m particularly sad about my three Japanese maples. One is completely dead, while another shows sign of life at the base. So, back to start, it seems.

I have also lost some apparently hardy perennials along the long flower border, like the Monarda ‘Raspberry wine’. I’m not sure if all losses are due to the cold, though. Unfortunately, some plants seem to have been taken over by weed and other invasive plants.

However, I have to appreciate the flowers that have made it through the long cold winter. Therefore, here is a glimpse into the flowers that are in bloom right now.the flowers that are in bloom right now.

Rhododendron flowes in bloom

Most of my rhododendrons are more or less spent, and, the flowering was not as spectacular as before. Maybe because I have relocated some, who knows? Nonetheless, one of my oldest rhododendrons is still flowering and the colour is fntastic.

Flowering bulbs

Most bulbs, like crocuses, tulips and narcissuses, are also gone, but the giant alliums are unfolding. I love these huge lilac balls, and I will surely plant more of them this Autumn.


Flowering Shrubs

For some reason, my Prunus ‘Kazan’ trees have not flowered at all this year, but they are alive, thank God. The spirea betulifolia (bjørkespirea), cornus alba (sibirkornell), and physocarpus opulifolius (blærespirea) are all doing very well and are in different stages of bloom.

Spirea betulifolia 'Tor'
Cornus Alba
Physocarpus opulifolius 'Diabolo'

The viburnum Sargenti (Blodvolon) beside our entrance is finally coming into a size that can be seen from the top of the stairs, and is covered with flowers in bloom. Likewise, the viburnum opulus (snøballbusk) is covered in white balls. To my joy, it is looking better after my husband pruned it very badly a couple of years ago.

Last, but not least, of all the clematises I have planted, one is already in bloom. I’m not sure of the name, but I think the plant tag is somewhere. Not to mention the Azalea ‘Homebush’, that is looking better year by year.

Viburnum sargentii Onondaga (Blodvolon)
Viburnum opulus (Snøballbusk)
A clematis planted two years ago. I have to look up the name.
Azalea 'Homebush'

Perennial flowers

Finally, several perennials are also in bloom right now. The Bleeding heart is growing year by year and is at its peak right now. Similarly, some of my irises are looking great. However, I need to divide the ‘Emma Repika’ this year.

Lamprocapnos spectabilis (løytnantshjerte)
Iris sibirica 'Emma Repika'
Iris sibirica 'Red Flare'

The Bistort is a plant that came with the plot and it certainly seems to be thiving. Although I haven’t planted it myself, I really like the pink spires that look good in flower bouquets. Furthermore, I have Lady’s Mantle all over my garden. It is a very good ground cover and I love the pale yellow flowers that last for half the summer.

Two of my geraneums are in flower now. The lilac-blue is an unknown variety that I sowed myself several years ago. It has self seeded and is popping up in different places. I also have a large patch of geranium psilostemon ‘Czakor’ that I like more for its leafs than the flowers themselves, but they too are in bloom at them moment.

Bistorta officinalis (ormerot)
Alchemilla vulgaris (Marikåpe)
Geraneum psilostemon (I think) - unknown species

Many of the plants in my garden come from a plant nursery in Poland, called Szmit nursery.

Allium schoenoprasum (gressløk) and Allium fistulosum (pipeløk)

That was all for now. Many hostas and other leafy plants are also looking good right now, but I’ll come back with a separate post about them. Meanwhile, enjoy a photo of flowering chives, whic I love as much for the flowers as for its taste as a spice.

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