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Flower season kick off


Challenging temperature switches

The temperatures are still low. A few days ago, we had yet another night with frost. The temperature fell down to minus 2 degrees right after I had started planting my flower containers and decided to leave several of my annuals outside for the night. Fortunately, I didn’t lose very many plants, although some plants got frost damaged.

Furthermore, when the sun is up, the temperature quickly rises to 18 degrees plus. Then, the greenhouse turns into an oven. But, since we haven’t installed automatic openers, I must remember to open the doors in the morning, or the plants will be scorched. Consequently, I have seen heat damage on some plants already. However, it is challenging with the oscillating temperatures at this time of year. Particularly when we leave for work in Norway and are unable to attend to the plants.

Luckily, both Frank and I have had opportunity to be on the farm a lot lately. That is a treat since we have a lot to do before starting on the newbuild.


The Garden Season is on

Anyway, frost or not, our perennials, shrubs and trees are awakening from their winter rest. Even the Gunnera Manicata I planted last year appears to have made it. At first, I thought it was dead, because all I could see was a dried up lump from last year’s plant. But, a few days ago, I noticed green leaves appearing at the base of the lump. I’m really excited about that.

Gunnera Manicata

Of all the bulbs I planted last autumn, the tulips have been a partial success. The tulips I planted directly in the ground have flowered and avoided being eaten by deer. Yesss! But, the tulips I planted in containers have been less successful. They haven’t rotted since I kept them in the greenhouse until March. By then they were on their way to form flower bulbs, but when I took them outside, the cold weather seemed to stop the development entirely. Some have flowered unevenly, while others just stopped developing entirely, and just seemed to dry up.

As for the other bulbs I planted, they are doing fine. I particularly appreciate the daffodils, which seem to flower for a long time. I will definitely plant more of those for next year.

The Fruits Trees are flowering too

Another pleasure is that most of our fruit trees are flowering, some for the first time. The plum trees have already flowered over, while the apple trees flowers at different times. I have also had flowers on the apricot trees, which was a surprise since we moved the trees last fall. I was happy they both had survived the move, despite the roots not being very deep. But, now I wonder if we’ll have fruits, or if the frost have damaged whatever might have been. There was also a few flowers on the peach tree and the Amelanchiers I planted last year are also flowering.

One of the pear trees is also flowering now, as is the cherry tree. I have to remember to cover up the cherries, or the birds will get it all. The same goes for blueberries and honeyberries, which also have flowers.

Cherry tree blossoms
Apple tree
Pear tree blossoms

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