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An Early Spring Garden Tour


The Best Time of the Year

I simply love this time of year. The birds are back filling the air with their beautiful songs. The ground is thawing and the trees and plants are starting to show signs of life after a long and cold winter. And best of all, the entire spring and summer is in front of us. Now is the best of all times.

Frank and I are full of plans for the season ahead. Not only will we be planting more both in the flower garden and the vegetable patch, but we are going to start the construction of a building that will be larger than our house. And, if time allows, we hope to start building two small cottages for our future glamping business. We are not going to do all the building ourselves, and that is why we dare start more than one project this year.

Many unfinished projects

The last Sunday in March I took an overview of our garden. Although there still is some frost in the ground, it is time to clear the flower beds for plant debris from last year. However, I have been busy sowing and prickling seedlings, so that will have to wait another week.

Today I created a small video that shows what the garden looks like at this time of the year. It is my ambition to take pictures and film the garden and flower beds through different stages of the season, and this is the first tour. There is not much to see in terms of flowers and plants, and I don’t expect to thrill anyone with the film. Yet, it shows the present stage and allows at least me to follow the development through the season.

I apologise for all the half-finished projects that can be seen all around, but that is the status of our garden right now. We have done quite a lot since we bought the farm five years ago, but we’re far from complete. After all, we only have a few weekends and holidays to work here.

I’m an impatient gardener

When it comes to gardening, I come up most of the ideas, and Frank has to help execute them. I must admit that I am impatient, particularly when it comes to planting. Plants take time to grow and I want to have a lush garden with large mature plants. That has resulted in buying more than I am able to find a location for. But that is a problem I can live with.

During the winter, I have made lists of the plants I have in my garden. This growing season, I will try to photograph them at their best, and if the time allows, the pictures will be published here. Meanwhile, take a look at the garden tour video.

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