Welcome to our small homestead in Sweden

About Us

We are a couple rapidly approaching the age of retirement, but instead of stepping down and having more relaxing days, we are going in different direction. Not that we don’t like to sit on the terrace sipping wine, but we need to fill our days with more than that.

While we still have the strength, we’d like to create a place where we can enjoy the last part of our life with activities we like in surroundings that are calm and beautiful. We also like to meet new people and are planning to have a small glamping business or some type of accommodations to let.


Rita is an Upper Secondary School teacher. I love gardening and growing food, which I also like to cook and serve to friends and family. It’s fair to say that my gardening ambitions are bigger than my budget as well as the time I have available, but I hope in time to be able to create a garden I can open to visitors.




Frank is an electrician and handyman. I love engines (old and new) and to show my wife that these machines are useful in the garden. I’m not a professional carpenter, but I like to build and create the things we need on the farm. I also love to get in contact with people and invite them around and share a meal with us.

Bliderud on YouTube

From time to time, we publish videos about activities on the farm. Please check out and subscribe to our YouTube channel.

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Fire on the Farm

Last night was dramatic on the farm. An old tractor digger we have borrowed from a friend self ignited and started to burn. I don’t know how it started, but I first noticed the smell, then saw what I first thought was fog. However, the combination made me run to find out what was happening.

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Spring Activities

Although the spring has been unusually cold this year, we have already completed a lot of tasks on our list. Building raised beds, sowing, and preparing for a new-build are just a few of our activities. We have also managed to squeeze in a trip to Poland.

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Building an Orangery

We started building an orangery in April 2020. However, due to Corona-restrictions, traveling between Norway and Sweden has been difficult in periods. The construction has therefore taken us almost two years to complete.

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A Perfect Location

The location of the farm is private, yet not desolate. It is a 15-30 min drive from towns like Åmål and Mellerud. Karlstad, a bigger city is an

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We are

A couple that rapidly is reaching the age of retirement. We currently work in Norway and the farm is our retirement plan.
Favorite stories

Preserving Our Harvest

This time of year, it is all about taking care of the produce from the garden. We harvest, eat, and preserve everything we cannot manage to eat fresh. It is fun to try out different preservation methods and watch the shelves in the pantry fill up.

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