Welcome to our small homestead in Sweden

This is our small farm in Sweden. It is 17 acres (or 7 hectare) whereof half is forest and half is arable fields. For the time being we only use a small part of the fields and a neighbour cuts the grass to maintain the fields. But we have many plans and projects and you are welcome to read about them here.


Fire on the Farm

Last night was dramatic on the farm. An old tractor digger we have borrowed from a friend self ignited and started to burn. I don’t know how it started, but I first noticed the smell, then saw what I first thought was fog. However, the combination made me run to find out what was happening.

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Flower season kick off

Despite the cold weather, the plants are ready for a new season. Tulips, daffodils and fruit trees are competing for our attention and we’re looking forward to a new season in the garden.

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Spring Activities

April has been very cold with temperatures between 6-15 degrees celsius and lots of frost nights. However, in the greenhouse, the plants are doing fine.

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An Early Spring Garden Tour

It is the end of March 2022 and our garden is in the early awakening stages. This is the first in a series of garden tours which will show the changing seasons and development in our garden.

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Building an Orangery

We started building an orangery in April 2020. However, due to Corona-restrictions, traveling between Norway and Sweden has been difficult in periods. The construction has therefore taken us almost two years to complete.

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We are

A couple that rapidly is reaching the age of retirement. We currently work in Norway and the farm is our retirement plan.
Favorite stories
transporting fire wood

Winter Work making Firewood

The trees on our property is a mixture of spruce and deciduous trees like birch, European ash, and common aspen. Spruce, like the Norway spruce and Scots pine are cultivated for forestry. Forestry is a big business

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Planting 1000 Flower Bulbs

This autumn I have treated myself to huge amounts of flower bulbs. Bulbs are expensive to buy, both in Norway and Sweden. When we were in Poland a couple of years ago, I was surprised that the

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How the farm started

In 2017 my husband and I bought a small farm in Sweden. It was an act of spontaneity that changed our lives for good. A year after, we had sold our house in Norway and moved to

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